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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  November 10, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> that is the key. thank you both for being here. that is "all in" for now. happy monday, rachel. >> happy monday chris. thanks to you at home for joining us. one of the smaller scale controversies of the last president shl administration is that when george w. bush and dick cheney were in the white hougs. a lot of people visited the white house. obviously, most of them are there for white house tours. but when you sign in as a white house visitor for any reason, you sign what is, in effect, a public document. and it's hard cases to argue why public documents like that should be kept secret if georgists or researchers want to figure out who was in the white house on any given day. it is a matter of public record. in the george w. bush administration, those records
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were sealed. when the next president took office, that is one of the things that the new president, barack obama, changed at the white house. starting a few months after president obama was sworn in, the white house started releasing big batches of the visitor's logs. these were huge files. but they released them in an interesting way. they released them as a searchable data base. so even though they're dutching this data, the first one they did was e was the first sech months of white house visitor logs. so it's this huge amount of data that they made public but they made it in a way that made it easy to swab through. you just search for people's individual names to see if they had visited the white house. and when that first batch of visitor's logs was post, the conservative media ran through the data base, the most scandalous names they could think of: some of them popped.
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turns out he really didn't distance himself from jeremiah wright. they're in the white house visitor's logs. they've been smeek e sneaking jeremiah wright into the white house. he must be secretly running the country. oh, no, he's not. do you want to know who is? bill heirs, the '60s bomber guy. well, then, oh, yeah, he doesn't have anything to do with him. why is bill heirs coming into the white house. there's his name right there on the white house visitor's logs. and while we're on the subject, oh, my god, michael moore. michael moore? michael moore being snuck into the white house. here's his name on the white house visitor's logs.
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and bertha lewis. the lady from acorn. also, michael jordan. is michael jordan a scandal? their names are on the white visitor's logs. and this is the weekly standard conservative magazine reacting to the shocking news. i tried to warn you, america. visit xx logs have two visits by bill heirs. this looks from the conservative blog, hot air. doing some very damning information. jeremiah wright had e has visited the white hougs more aump than general crystal and petreus combined. it turn es out more than one person in america has the name wright. it turns out it wuchasn't that jeremiah right e wright.
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it turns out bill heirs, wasn't that person, as well. bertha lewis, the lady from acorn, it was bertham. lewis who visited the white house. if you get a hundred thousand people visiting the wliet house in a month, mostly as a tourist destination, and then you relesioned seven months of visit xx logs at a time, you're getting a half million names. there are some people who sound like they are public figures, when real e really, they are not. given this large amount of data, the records we're publi publishing today include a few false positives.
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names you may think of a well-known person, but are actually of someone else. when that happened, the normal media at the time, mostly, reported it that way. white house posts visitor's list. is that the bill heirs? no. here's the new york daily managing. white house jeremiah wright. michael moore. names don't match, controversial figures. so that's perfect, right? they get -- the boldface names up there, they've got the scandal right up there in the headline and they tell you, actually, this is not a scandal.
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that's how to report what did or did not happen. in the conservative media, michael jordan -- is michael jordan a scannal e dal? that was 2009. in 2010, conservative media posted online this video giving a speech to the naacp. they said that this was video evidence of racism from a federal appointee. they posted an ed itted excerpt of this speech. and in the ed itt excerpt that they posted, she described how to discriminate against white people. how the government could favor black people and hurt white people on purpose. and con receivabletive media poeszed it. the normal media picked up the story and ran with it for a while. despite the woman's protest that that was not at all what she had said in that speech, the agriculture department actually went ahead and fired her from
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her job on the basis of this tape that had been posted by conservative media. turns out the excerpt that they posted talking about racial discrimination by the government was part of a long parable she was telling about why racial digs crimination from the government is a terrible thing that should never be done. that was the point of her speech. she was saying government should definitely not discriminate like this. there was lawsuits about this. the conservative media had to retrakt what they did. the naacp, they said that they felt it had been snuckered. they felt tricked.
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that was 2010. right before that 2012 election, that was a great one, where the conservative media conformed with huge fanfare and huge drama that senator menedez has been caught red handed in a huge prost cushion scandal. when i say caught red handed, i mean caught red handed. conservative media found that they found three women who had sex for money with the senator. until they said no, nah, actually, somebody paid them to say that they did. but, still, it was great. for a really great day on the conservative blrks e blogs. while everyone believed it for a second. so the bob menedez thing,
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right after the 2012 election, conservative media lost their minds over something that happened in florida. you want to know how they know it happened? they had proof. they had on-the-ground reporting that 40 pnt voter turn out had been recorded. st. lucy county had 140% voter turn out. how do you get 140% turn out? that's obvious fraud. so that's how president orb stole the election. 140%. turns out that was actually 70% voter turnout, but the ballot was two pages. so if you count each page as its
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own ballot, math is hard, barbie. last year, the great one was the friends of hamas scandal. chuck hagel was going to be confirmed as defense. there was a little fuffle in the time of his con fur mags. in reporting on his can he recall if you feel, what do you think he got paid by friends of hamas, or something? so then you get in conservative media and sources say friends of chuck hagel was paid by friends of hamas. >> it was a report that came out last week. not confirmed yet, but you're not denying it very vigorously, that one of them may have been friends of hamas. >> that has a ring to it, doesn't it? >> but any of this, if he is confirmed. >> an outfit called friends of
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hamas. friends of hamas is not an idea that exists. the whole idea was a joke that the conservative media ran with as if this was a real group that really was paying the defense secretary. this is like when mitch mcconnell fell for the prison nors at guantanamo were getting g.i. benefits. it had been written by a comedian because it's funny. they didn't think it was funny. abds now we've got a new one. the deal that president orb made that announcement, cob sebtive media posted an exciting and new exclusive scoop.
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there's one case lynch was involved in that few are talking about. the mainstream media doesn't want you talk about this. that's what they don't want to talk about. she's part of a clinton scandal. surely, nobody remembers what that scandal was because it was never quiet clear what the scandalous behavior was. she was right in the middle of it. and the mainstream media will not tell you what they're covering up. they published that on saturday. sunday, they published a cover up story. hey, this scandal about loretta lynch is a big deal. they ought to provide additional. why would the lame street media tell the truth? the you cannily, ugly truth
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about loretta lynch being a lawyer for the clintons. the reason is because the loretta lynch that was just nominated to be attorney general, she was not a lawyer involved in the white water scandal. a whole different loretta lynch. it used to be the wrong bertha lewis. now it's the wrong loretta lynch. there was a whole new round of press over this today when the outlet that was pursuing this line of attack on this news when they tried to save face by adding a correction to their story.
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they left out the headline, obama's attorney general loretta lynch represented the clintons during white waterer. but then they left the story in tact about how they represented the clintons in whitewater. said they've got the headline, the picture of her, the whole story. and then you get to the italicized sliegt correction at the bottom. it was, in fact, a different attorney. still, though, great story. clearly, they thought that adding this correction, eventually, they took it off of that web siet. here's the important thing. it's still out there. stories with a scandal on world net daily about the obama administration.
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asking for money so republicans will impeach president obama. he may not have a strategy, but we do. impeach obama. the list of scandals and corruption goes on and on within the obama administration. nixon was threatened with impeachment for less. have enough? click here to donate. do you want to learn more about why you should click here and donate money to us so we can get him impeached? what are those scandals? represented clintons during white water. it lives. it lives. there is a parallel universe in our politics where this is what the news looks like. no matter how stuff gets corrected or laughed at or ignored, on the right, this is
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what the news looks like and this stuff never dies. we've got a lot going on of substance right now in american politics and american government. there's a war on, for one. president obama wants to double the deployment of troops to ae iraq. >> pending in washington right now, this big request for how the u.s. government is going to fight this both at home and globally. the president just made this big, dramatic announcement about net neutrality. as soon as he made this announcement that the republicans declared war on neutrality.
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all the spernding bills are coming up. loretta lynch. yes, that loretta lynch. she has come before the senate twice before. there was not a single vote against her. if you want to know why the bay e basic stuff can't get done, why the easy stuff is impossible in washington now, it's this parallel universe that we've got. conservatives have built themselves a very popular landscape that doesn't just tell themselves things they want to hear. they just make stuff up. they make up news stories that aren't true. and when they correct it from other places, they never are e seem concerned. this is what they think news is. this information stream.
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in a world in which everybody was operating from the same set of facts. in our sane world, the conservatives do not operate from the same set of facts. they operate from an information diet that says these two women are the same person or miegts as well be -- >> e in that world. which might as well be that world. the confirmation is going to become the most fascinating thing on earth. who knows what they're going to make up next. make up next. i got this. purn push [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us.
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. this is a youtube video posted from russia. residents of moscow apparently woke up to this loveliness, which brought to it a roten, noxious egg smell that was traceable to hydrogen sulfide gas. they were told to close their windows and stay inside. while the smell in moscow remained unpleasant, it was not bad to breathe. they're denying that it's their faumt. other reports suggested that it might be coming from a waste waterer facility. who knows, nobody's has fessed up to it yet. but moscow really did have a big, ugly stink today. china, a day with a big ugly stink, is any day that ends in y.
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this was the beijing marathon three weeks ago. the air pollution so bad, the marathon runners had to wear respirators. they washed the runners down because their skin had been exposed to the toxic beijing air so long. air pollution has been terrible in beijing recently. that is particularly embarrassing for china today because today, 20 world reed e leaders arrived for the apex summit. to avoid those world leaders from having to wear respirators, beijing pulled out all of the stops to try to clean the air. they closed down thousands of construction sites, they forced half the city's private cars off the road. they told government workers to stay home for six dayings. they closed schools. they turned off the central heating for schools.
6:24 pm
today, the first day of the summit, the air was considered very polluted. still considered une unable to breathe. we know that because they track air quality levels on their when site. you can see that those levels, throughout the day today, were mostly unhealthy. that is not at all what beijing wanted. you can see it on this app here. u.s. embassy, not available.
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now that the summit has started, a proportion of levels. no worries, folks. clear skyings ahead. in spiet of that today, he also offered a couple of delicate pointers. >> obviously, ensuring the continued growth in the asia specific requires more than a focus of growth in trade and investment. it requires promoting policies and practices that keep the internet open and accessible. >> a planet where people can breathe cleechb air. and policies that keep the internet open and accessible. keep in mind, president obama made these remarks today in beijing where the air quality is noxiously terrible and smugy and
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where the government tried to prevent people from finding out just how noxious and unhealthy it was by, in part, taking over the internet. but on that same day, president obama was in china talking about the internet. the white house also unvailed this thing about the internet here in the united states. look, president obama e obama's plan for a free and open internet. president obama making the point in a taped statement released hereby today that big companies, like our corporate bosses, they should not be allowed to block or limit access to or speed up or slow down the internet.urgin fcc to set blunt rule on net neutrality. senator ted cruz of state's
6:27 pm
exhibit denounszed the internet as obamacare for the internet. the internet has health insurance now? as republicans gear up for the next session of congress, is that e this what they're going to be fighting about? great to see you. thanks for being here. >> my plrn e pleasure. you've been reporting on this for a long time. was this so? >> absolutely not. he made some comments about net neutrality that said there ought to be an open internet and not this fast lane that places like comcast and time warner would like to see happen. but the idea that he would step out as far as he did today was quite remarkable. basically, he said today that net neutrality should be regulated like a utility.
6:28 pm
under title 2 is the technical term for it. and that was quite a stunning remark for him to make. and it really forces the hand of the fcc now. >> well, yeah, substantively, as poli policy, the president did come out with this very blunt statement on it today. the republicans in congress pushed back pretty stark terms. as policy, the president in congress don't really get to decide this. it's the fcc. so what happened e what happens next there? what should we be watching for? >> it will most likely be on december 11th. that's what's false nating about the way the government is going to be working more and more as we go forward. as congressional dysfunction basically becomes malfunction, you're going to see power devolve to these regulatory administrations. and the fcc is one of them. the fcc will decide december 11 et.
6:29 pm
it will probably vote 3-to-2 to back up what the president says. now, they don't have to. they could, even though they're still part of the administration, they could buck the pet on this. but there's two strong democratic commissioners for this and a dem crate e kratic chairman. so, in all likelihood, even though the chairman is reluctant, the president probably will go there because it's politically awe tanble at this point. >> and the president being so blunt abe about his political position on this really puts the pressure in a way that wasn't there before. >> stay with us. we've got a lot to come. a live report from richard engle to report from the scene of some of the worst fighting in the war against isis. what richard has just done and just filed is inkreden. we've got that and him coming up. stay with us.
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. this is sound that we've never had access to until now. this is nixon's white house chief of staff, the one who went to prison for 18 moonts because of watergate. you'll hear his voice here. he's talking about a woman named rose. maybe it's rose mary woods, we don't know for sure, though. listen to what he says. >> that's president nixon lamenting in his audio diary for the day, that a person who we
6:38 pm
think is rose mary woods had been complaining drektly to the president about things like her car and her accommodations on a presidential trip abroad. that was from february, 1972. he aparentally kept volumous audio diaries and they have just been declassified by the nixon library. they are amazing. we posted a link to them so you can, too, if you're interested about the tripts and the recordings themselves. but ef enrandomly dipping into it, it is incredible stuff. here he is discussing a potential supreme court violation for president nixon. richard nixon considered robert
6:39 pm
byrd as a presidential supreme court nominee, but, to be clear, he sees the fact that rob ert byrd was a member of the kl klu klux klan to be a member of the supreme court. he'll be great. he'll be a great nominee. did you know he was in the klan? what? listening to these new nixon tapes, there's a lo of stuff here. actually, one of the unexpectedly muling things has to do with the war. how nixon's war was weighing on him personally. it was a way to let his staff see hr haldeman describe it in his diary. listen. they're talking here about a woman, they describe her as mrs. nolde. this is man who's considered the last official combat casualty of the vietnam war.
6:40 pm
so the story is about mrs. nolde's visit to washington for her husband's burial at washington's articleblington na cemetery.
6:41 pm
just declassified audio diary from nixon's staff. he later wrote in his memoirs that he never hated the veet nap war more than he did in that
6:42 pm
moment, in that single enkoubt e counter with the family of the man who was the last reported combat casualty of vietnam. on friday, this past friday, the current commander in chief, announced that he is doubling the number of u.s. service members in iraq. today, though, the pentagon said those additional troops will not be sent until congress votes to send them. president orb is apparently determined now that this decision will not remain his alone. it is never supposed to be a president's decision alone. it's supposed to be congress's call when we go to war. now, the additional troops, this bubbling deployment back in iraq, that's now an open question. the military says that's what they want. that's what the president saez he wants as commander in chief. but it's on hold while congress
6:43 pm
decides while they can actually summon the courage to vote on it. to vote on whether or not to do it. congress comes back on wednesday, the day after veteran's day, tomorrow, to start what constitutes a work frenzy for them. seven hole who recollect days between now and the end of the month. and then they meet again for eight workdays in december in the whole month of december, eight days. this past election was full of political ads about how terrible isis is is. now, congress has to make a binding decision on fighting isis. and they'd like to make it soon. how do you think they're going to weezle out of taking a vote. hold that thought. ard. it lets you earn cash back twice, once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back. then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win . the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay.
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president obama asks to double the number of u.s. troops fighting isis in iraq and syria. congress finally faces making a decision on whether or not to fund and authorize that u.s. military fight against isis. one of the most difficult things about covering isis and the fight against them is how difficult it is for a journalist to get close to them. now, nbc's chief correspondent richard engle has been the first to get inside chobani, the town that's been undersiege by isis for months now. this is remarkable footage. watch this. >> for two months, chobani has
6:48 pm
been fighting for its life. surrounding a withstanding of wave after wave of isis attacks. we managed to get inside and found a city devastated but refusing to surrender. these fighters, women and men, are out-gunned and out-numbered. 34 ozzi is a top field commander. her name means strength. >> now, he runs, she says, sheets hung across intersections cloak our movements from enemy snipers. you stay low and run fast. ozima took us to the southern front. as kurdish women, we are tied to our principles more than our lives. the enemy is just 20 yards away. she's saying when they come, they come in waves. not just one or two, but 40 or
6:49 pm
50. >> to keep them back, the kurds of chobani have light weapons and grenades. secular nations with a clasless lifestyle. most women have one home, one family to care for. not us. we care for our nation. half of chobani has fallen to isis. >> richard engle filed that dispatch tochbt. he is the first american network correspondent to report from chobani where fighting is on going. just incredible reporting and unfortunately, very dangerous to get. richard joins us live which is right near the syrian border in turkey. richard, thank you so much for being here. what's going to happen in chobani, best as you can tell, and why is it strategically so posht?
6:50 pm
important? >> right now,there is something of a standoff in chobani. i would say half of the city, as i mentioned in that report, is held by isis. the other held by isis. the other half by the kurdish fighters, and it's very difficult for either side to make advances, because this is street to street fighting. even though there are some u.s. air strikes, it still takes a lot of skill to, and a lot of bravery, frankly, to advance, to leave your sniper nest, to take over new positions and to hold them, and from what we could tell, it looks like this could go on for months. the biggest taker is that the kurdish fighters are going to run out of ammunition. re-supply is enorm mussily difficult. there's been one big re-supply by the united states, an airdrop. some weapons come through turkey. turkey does not freely allow
6:51 pm
fighters and weapons to go into kobani. the biggest problem is that like any siege warfare, they could be starved out. not necessarily with food, although that is a possibility as well, but mostly starved out with weapons. and if that were to happen, it would be a catastrophic loss for the people of kobani. they fear that they would be massacred. they fear that they would, that the women would be taken away and sold into slavery like happened to some yazidi women. it's one of the reasons they are fighting so hard. they don't want the same fate to befall kobani that has fallen other communities in syria and iraq. they are kurdish nationalist fighters. they have years of experience, fighting against turks. that is one reason the turkish government don't want them to have weapons. they're very afraid of losing.
6:52 pm
their biggest fear is probably not being pushed out on the battlefield but being strangled by the closure. >> talking about the u.s. air supply, the airdrop to supply them with ammunition and other supplies and the impact of the u.s. and coalition air strikes, are those making any sort of difference? and from your, just tactical judgment, having been there, is there more that the coalition could do that would make a difference in the fight for kobani? >> reporter: there's quite a bit that the coalition could do. turkey would have to cooperate more. and i know that it is very frustrating for members of the u.s. military that they can't get more supplies through turkey, that turkey doesn't have an open-door policy for them. i wouldn't be surprised if there is another u.s. airdrop, perhaps even in the next couple weeks. on kobani, because the u.s. wants to help the people of
6:53 pm
kobani and is finding it incredibly frustrating that the turks aren't allowing supplies to go in. the air strikes are helping. the air strikes are slowing down the isis advance, making it more difficult for isis to bring in its own heavy weapons. if you remember, this began a couple of months ago when isis decided it was going to make a stand. it was going to take this village right on the turkish border, going to take it right in front of everyone's eyes, raise the black flag and say we are here, we took this village and nothing can stop us. the people of kobani said they weren't going to let that happen. and eventually the u.s. decided it was going to give help to the people of kobani so it wouldn't have this important loss, a morale loss for the front against isis in a very visible place, even though most journalists haven't been able to get inside kobani, people have
6:54 pm
been able to watch what's happened in kobani through social media and because it's right on the turkish border. in some places you can stand on hills inside turkey and see the explosions and see the isis fighters maneuvering just a few hundred yards away. but even though the u.s. has decided to help and is carrying out the air strikes, it is really down to the fighters on the ground to go street to street, building to building and hold the block that they have, and they need weapons and supplies for that. and eventually, that they will run out. >> richard engle, thank you for being with us tonight. i really appreciate it. just incredible reporting. i also have to tell you we're going to have much more of this reporting from etch are ard, specifically on friday night. he's going to have more from kobani and the wider fight against isis. richard is right in the middle right now in a way that almost nobody has been. his message friday, 9:00.
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so you can make owning a business even more rewarding. ink from chase. so you can. best new thing in the world today. this is the bisbee. people with big money and big boats spend the time trying to bag a big marlin. and if you do land the bigst ferb in the tournament, the prize money is astonishing. they take home hundreds of thousands of dollars. this is what cabo san lucas looked like after the hurricane hit the peninsula. hurricane odile devastated the area before the fishing tournament. the people who do the bisbee
6:59 pm
tournament decided after the hurricane they wouldn't cancel the tournament, and they got a foundation to pay for the entry fees who wanted to fish in the tournament. 50 teams took up this foundation on the offer and hired locals. one more thing to know here is about a place called casa ogar. they were able to rebuild other homes in the community hit by the hurricane. benefactors in the tournament sponsored the orphanage's entry fee. put up their share of the entry fee, the fishing license, put up a boat so the orphanage could participate for the first time in the fishing tournament. team casa ogar, including adult
7:00 pm
caregivers and three boys, they won the whole tournament, landed a 385-pound marlin. nobody brought in a bigger one. the orphanage team took in a check of $250,000 for winning the ferbiishing tournament. and they can use it. you have to understand mucho bueno. that was the name of the boat for the winning team. best new thing in the world, even if you don't like fishing. rachel, the first time they went fishing they get one way bigger than themselves? that's amazing. >> a boatful of orphans and a 400-pound marlin. a year after its implementation, the affordable care act is headed back to


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